CouchDB: Document Conflicts

Three years ago, if someone asked me what couchDB was, I’d probably tell them it was some fancy piece of furniture. But that is three years ago, and since then, I have started a career, got married, learnt a few things, and most importantly realized that couchDB has nothing to do with furniture. CouchDB is […]

Javascript Internals: What’s Under the Hood?

You really don’t need to know a lot to get up and running with Javascript. In fact, a fully-fledged production-ready app could be built without ever understanding the inner workings of the language. This is both a blessing and a curse; The language has many adopters, but only a very few masters. This realization lead […]

NGINX Reverse Proxy for Node.js app

There are probably a million ways to set up your node.js application on a remote server. I know because I have been down the rabbit hole looking for answers for this seemingly simple task. While I believe that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to go about this, my current go-to approach to set […]